Explore the list of some projects of mine.


It's a slick application launcher for Linux. It’s eye candy and pretty fun to work with. It offers multiple ways to improve your desktop experience.


It's a game for two players, flying with ships in a two-dimensional space setting, governed by the laws of gravity.

Random Artwork

It’s a collection of various images I created. Most of them are done with Blender, MyPaint, Alchemy and The Gimp.

Stop Motion

It is short & funny old-school stop motion video created together with a friend of mine.

BERLinPro animation

It's an 3D PR-animation describing an Energy Recovery Linac. It was done for the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.

PTB animation

It's an short 3D-animation describing the use cases of the electron accelerator Willy-Wien in Berlin.