C++11 Signals and Slots!

I’ve been asked multiple times how I would implement a signal / slot mechanism in modern C++. Here is the answer!

Bachelor thesis!

And finally it’s done. After some months of hard work I’m now a Bachelor of Science! I passed with distinction and since many of you helped me by sending in your usage statistics of Gnome-Pie, I owe you many THANKS and a summary of what I achieved. You may just read the abstract and look at the pictures, graphs and videos to get a glimpse of the results or (if you’re brave and greedy for knowledge) you may read the entire summary.

PPA with CMake!

When I first wanted to create a PPA for Ubuntu, it was a pain. It was barely documented, unnecessarily complex and — the worst thing of all — if there was a tutorial, it employed rather old build tools and no guide covered code generated with CMake.